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Do you recall my Jan 7th blog with predictions for 2011?  Luke Donald of Britain won the biggest title of his career yesterday winning WGC Match Play.  I repeat my prediction, you can expect to see him ‘in contention a lot’.

Owner of and Kevin Chin Golf Academies

Here’s a glimpse of Kevin:

  1. Favorite Golf Course?  Fischer’s Island
  2. Favorite all-time player?  Tiger Woods
  3. Best golf memory?  Passing PGA’s playing ability test or hitting a hole-in-1 on a par 4 during a club tournament.
  4. Favorite golf resort?  Sugarloaf, Maine 
  5. Funniest golf memory?  During a playing lesson my student asked me to demonstrate a shot on a par 3.  I went up and explained waht I was going to do and that the result was going to be a hole in 1.  I hit the shot and sure enough it did exactly as I said and it spun back for my first hole in 1.
  6. Dream 4-some?  It always includes my family, in particular my father and brother.  Besides them, it would have to be Tiger Woods, Old Tom Morris and Lloyd Monroe.
  7. Favorite Club in Your Bag?  My wedge was always my Achilles heel as an amateur but now a strength.  During tournament golf my putter is my favorite because for me I feel it is the most important.  I can always count on my driver.  In other words…..I can’t say which is my favorite.
  8. Other than golf, what are you passionate about?  My family and our pets.
  9. Favorite book?  “Little Red Book”, by Harvey Penick
  10. Favorite website?

Golf is a very analyzed sport.  I’ve actually heard that it’s the second most written about subject behind religion.  If you think about it, you could overanalzye anything.  For arguments sake lets think of a lumberjack chopping down a tree.  They take the axe and hit the tree at a certain angle.  They don’t worry about where their arm is at the top of their backswing or their weight shift on their downswing or keeping their head still.  But we could film it and put it in slow motion and analyze every moving part.  We typically don’t because it makes sense to us.  Golf should make sense too, but the biggest reason it doesn’t for most of us is the disbelief or musunderstanding that hitting the ball in a downward motion results in the ball going up into the air.Does this sound familiar?  You stand over the ball without taking a practice swing because you feel rushed.  Then you stand over the ball for about half a minute trying to remember 15 different swing tips.  The result is you end up topping the ball about 30 feet then  do it all over again while everyone waits and watches.  Think of the game in its simplest form, hitting a ball into a hole with a stick.Most beginners don’t give themselves enough credit.  Once you understand what directions your club comes in to hit the ball it’s as simple as hammering in a nail.   You know the direction to hammer in a nail and where to hit the head on the nail.  It’s not some unnatural mystical equation.  You will know when it’s working because it will feel right.  You will be working with your bodies’ mechanics!

That is the first thing I make clear with a student.  The understanding that it is the golfer’s job to hit through the all on the downswing getting this feeling that you are hitting the ball into the ground.  It’s the job of the clubfaces’s loft to get the ball airborne.  A big variable of hitting down is the angle of the shaft.  The girp is in front of the club head at impact.  Think of the club had ‘lagging’ behind the grip through the swing.In the first lesson I will put a golf ball into a vice and flatten it in half.  I have yet to see a golfer not to be surprised with the amount the golf ball will compress!Once you have a better understanding of hitting down and that the ball flattens then you can deduce that the golf ball is in contact with the club much longer than you may have thought before.  The ball compresses and rolls in an upward motion because of the loft of the club.  Imagine the abll walking up the grooves.I have given you a very two-dimensional picture.  The next lesson I will write about is that of swinging the club around your body.  And make the distinction of arms and hands.  But don’t forget you’re just swinging a stick.  I can analyze a lumberjack chopping down a tree.

Remember to understand the information you are getting!

If golf tips and/or cliche’s work for you but just for a short time realize that you need to understand what that tip is trying to get you to do, and why.  If you can’t figure it out or your professional can’t, then seek another pro.  Contradicting information can be the makings of a very unhealthy golf game.

About Golf For Geniuses

Mark Evershed believes that given the correct information in an organized manner, humans can learn anything. "Correct information" means acquiring knowledge and "organized manner" means proper teaching sequences. The golf swing is a series of motions that must be learned and understood and then performed in the correct sequence.
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